Fluocaril® Complete Care

Complete Oral Care preparation for a timeless smile. From 40 and above.

  • 1Aloe Vera, Guava Leaf & Centella natural Extracts,
    Helping to protect gums against inflammation, recession.
  • 2Anti-Sensitivity Agent Potassium Nitrate,
    To relieve teeth sensitivity.
  • 3SLS & Paraben Free:
    Keep the oral mucosa moisturized. Mild for teeth & gums.
  • 4CPC antibacterial agent:
    Decrease bacteria that cause bad breath, dental caries & gums inflammation.
  • 5Two fluorides formula: 
     Effective short & long- term protection against cavities & plaque acid.
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Specially designed for orthodontic appliances users.

  • 1CPC Antibacterial agent:
    Avoid bacteria build-up around braces
  • 2Aloe Vera & Centella natural extracts:
    Enhance wound healing & relieve sore mouth sensation.
  • 3Two fluorides formula:
    Effective short & long-term protection against cavities & plaque acid.

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