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Over 70 years of expertise

Fluocaril was the first fluoride toothpaste developed in France in 1946. Fluocaril first two fluorides formula was born in 1966, and is the only oral care brand containing two fluorides to date. Ever since Fluocaril is committed to provide superior oral care solutions through continuous innovation.

Long lasting efficacy thanks to unique formula with 2 TYPES OF FLUORIDES

Sodium Fluoride

Immediate effect on enamel
Once you start brushing your teeth, Sodium Fluoride will re-harden the enamel immediately thanks to its fast release of active compounds.

Sodium Monofluorophosphate

Long- lasting protection
Sodium Monofluorophosphate further stays in your oral mucosa, and will be activated once in contact with the acidity released by oral bacteria.

Increased effectiveness with 2 types of fluorides

Scientifically proven benefits of combining 2 fluorides

1. Immediately re-harden enamel
2. Prolongs protection against plaque acid

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